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About Us

Known locally as Groves Foundry there has been a foundry on this sight since the 19th Century. Incorporated as T H Dick & Co in 1929 it was owned and run by the Dick family until 1971 when it was taken over by the Smith brothers Alan and Bryan. Still in family ownership it is currently run by the second generation, Andrew Smith and Adrian Ringrose.

In 1971 T H Dick & Co was the smallest of 5 Jobbing Iron Foundries in Hull. Now twice its original size it is currently not only the last Jobbing Iron Foundry left in Hull but also in the surrounding area. This is a result of continual investment and modernisation. In the last 5 years alone we have installed a new Induction Furnace giving us twice the capacity of the old one. Our reclamation system has been totally renewed which has reduced significantly the amount of physical labour required. We have also installed a new extraction filtration unit which has cut our emissions down to a figure which is arguably as good as fresh air. At T H Dick we pride ourselves on our casting quality and customer service, at the same time we endeavour to be competitive in a worldwide market. With one eye always on the future T H Dick is committed to continual development in order to satisfy all our customer needs.